" Thai Wessuwan " Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 110 cm Signed lower left

Exhibitions :

- Sala Lanna Art Exhibition by Ettoi Hoosla Muang 2009 at  Art Center Chiang Mai University

- Exhibition to honor Mother 2009 at Art Gallery 116 (116 Art Gallery)

- The exhibition of the sky with the stars carved in the month of San Weaving Sala Lanna 2010 at The Emporium Shopping Complex

- Contemporary Sala Lanna Art Exhibition Dhipaya Yongphumphaya Lanna City 2010 at Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport

- Thai artists (Lanna) Rin Nam Jai help the flood disaster 2011 at Siripanna Villa Resort and Spa, Chiang Mai

- Sala Chiang Mai Exhibition, Suea He San Hosla Lanna 2012, at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport

- The 1st Lanna to Buddhakaya Exhibition 2012 at Siripanna Villa Resort and Spa, Chiang Mai From Lanna to Buddhakaya 1st 2013 at Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai

- "ละเมอรัก" Exhibition at Sathorn 11