JARUN PAN-ONTA (born in 1975)

'Before Enlightenment' Acrylic on canvas signed lower left 90 x 120cm

Born January 27, 1975

A Study of Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Rajamangala Institute of Technology Payap Region, Chiang Mai Campus

Honor 1st prize winner of "Asian Orchid" painting contest at the Agricultural Technology Institute.

Mother Jo

- Outstanding Award, 13th Panachonic Painting 2011, Panachonic Company of Thailand Bangkok

- Honorable Mention Award for Painting on the topic of "Teacher" of the Office of the Education Council Secretariat 16 August 2011 - I, the 3rd prize in the painting contest, topic "Our King and the government Democracy "of King Prajadhipok's Institute, 2011

- 2nd runner-up award in painting contest topic "Happy Society by Giving" of the Department of Revenue Year 2011

- Honorable mention in the painting contest for the Song of the Father of Nan Mee Company Limited 2011 - Outstanding Award, Painting Contest, Topic Under the umbrella King, developer of BAAC

- Honorable mention in the Elderly Painting Contest on the topic of Elderly Wisdom Building a Thai society

To Romyen of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security 2012

- Outstanding Prize, Panasonic Painting, 14th, 2012, Panasonic Company

Thailand Bangkok - Outstanding Award, "Buddhist Lanna Way", No. 1 Huen Artist Nacha, 2012

¬- a special prize, a live drawing contest on the topic of Kad Luang and the urban lifestyle of Huan artist

Nacha 20126

- Special award "The 2nd Lanna Buddhist Way, Huan Artist Nacha 2013

- 2014 3rd prize of King Prajadhipok's Institute - Special award "The 2nd Lanna Buddhist Way, Huan Artist Nacha 2013

- 2014 3rd prize of King Prajadhipok's Institute - 2016, 3rd prize of the project to raise awareness of the earth -2017 Honorable mention 7th Asia Plus Painting -2017 Special Award 7th Amta Art Award Career history

2007 - Attending an art exhibition "In honor of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of the Great King" Chiang Mai

2008 - Participated in the exhibition "Weaving Hearts of Fine Arts" in Chiang Mai Province

2009 - Participated in an art exhibition "Tam Hitoy Hoi Salala Lanna at the Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center.

2009 - Joint Art Show National Cancer Center Foundation, USA 2009 - Participate in the 2nd exhibition of Thai embroidery designs at the Queen Sirikit Art Gallery. Bangkok

255 3 - Art Exhibition Nan Mee Fire Avatar Nan Mee Company Limited Bangkok

2011 - Participate in mental art exhibition The world is beautiful with nature Asia Plus Company Bangkok - Participate in the exhibition "Weaving Hearts of Fine Arts", Chiang Mai Province

- Show regular and ordinary group events at 9 galleries, Chiang Rai

2012 - Participated in the painting exhibition. Of Asia Plus Bangkok

- Participate in the 34th Bualuang painting by Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited. Bangkok

- Participate in a painting exhibition "Bring good things to life" of Toshiba Co., Ltd. Bangkok

- Participate in the 2012 contemporary art exhibition of Kasikorn Bank Co., Ltd. Bangkok 2014 - Participate in the Panasonic painting fair in Bangkok.

- Participate in the Toshiba Painting Fair Bangkok

- Participate in the painting fair of Kasikorn Bank. Bangkok

- Participate in Bualuang Painting Fair Bangkok Bank Bangkok

- Participate in the art exhibition PAD. Bangkok