"Naree Phon" Pair of oil & Gold on canvas 30 x 40 cm each

EROTIC (a little) Thai painting -  NIT was always moved and interested by the traditionnal Thai culture. He tooks look at the mural paintings and he saw that there will always be some  funny erotica  scene or painting in some little corner of temples. As a Budhist  himself, he found it funny and think many other Buddhist might feel pretty much the same. (See the picture from temple Wat Pathom Chedi)
So he found his way in the LANNA Traditionnal painting.  (Lanna is the old Kingdom in North Thailand and Chiang Mai was the capital)

- 1987 Award Winner student painting of Lanna Group, Chiang Mai
- 1992 Northern Custom and Culture Exhibition, Bank of Thailand, Bangkok
- 1994 Bualang Art Exhibition of Paintings, Bangkok
- 1995 1st Panasonic Contenporary Painting Exhibition
- 1995 Award Winner an exhibition to honour His Majesty the King's 50 years
- 1998 Contenporary Arts for Amazing Thailand Art Museum Chiang Mai
- 1999 The 4rd Northen Arts Exhibition , Chiang Mai
- 2009 Art Exhibition  " Sawasdee the Art and Culture of Thailand 2009"  Frame Shop Gallery 912, USA
- 2010 Art Exhibition " Sawasdee the Art and Culture of Thailand 2010 at Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago Lafayette Center